How you made a difference!

Tiffany & Daughter

I want to thank you and your donors so much for making our dreams come true. My child and I had been living in a room together for the past 2 years with almost no privacy. I knew we needed more space but finding it was difficult. I was being turned away by other organizations, it made me feel like maybe this wasn’t meant to be. Hearts 4 Homes changed that! Now we are happy and excited to start this new chapter of our lives together. After having been homeless a year and a half ago, we jumped at the chance that Hearts for Homes made available to us. Thank you so much for your donations! They may not seem like much now but to me they meant the world! Tiffany and Daughter (pictured above, receiving their keys).

Bryan & Ashley’s Story:

Bryan & Ashley fell behind in their bills because their son was diagnosed with Leukemia. Bryan was forced to quit his job to care for their son. Ashley was pregnant with their second child and was unable to work because of an auto immune illness. They had to drain their savings account in order to “deal with bills” and used credit cards to survive! Fast forward, their son is doing well, they are back on their feet and safe in their home.


“Hearts For Homes came thru for us in such a time of need. It is a very worthwhile organization and Karan was so very helpful and made it go very smoothly!  Thank you again” 


…at a HFH party for the moms and kids…

A home of her own!

We were honored to help support a survivor and her 2 children to move into a home of their own. Pictured above is the moment one of her daughter’s saw her new room. All children deserve a place of their own to call home!

Hearts for Homes is an amazing organization with amazing people who run it. They were able to help me through a rough patch and get me and my son a place to lay our heads at. We are so thankful for Hearts for Homes. 


Alicia and her five children

…lived for three years in a house that was sold out from under them. This prompted her to reach out to Hearts for Homes. We assisted her with a security deposit. Her family is now safe and living comfortably in a safe home. 

Ebony & Curtis

…spent three months in a domestic violence shelter.

During that time she worked and saved money for a home. Hearts for Homes helped her with the security deposit needed to move into an apartment. Shortly after she moved, she learned she had a baby grandson, and drove to Florida to fetch him home and get custody for him. She is thriving with her new home, a stable job, and a new baby to care for!