Plan of Action

Implement the H4H Affordable Housing Partnership Program to assist families of homeless children gain access to permanent housing, and support families in achieving greater economic & housing stability.

Work with community partners to obtain funding and establish a year-round homeless shelter to provide better coordinated services and ensure shelter so that no one has to sleep on the streets.

Work with the Macomb Continuum of Care to prepare and implement an effective plan to increase the supply of permanent affordable and permanent supportive housing.

Acquire and develop properties to increase the availability of affordable rental housing for low- and very low-income families.

Nearly 50% of homeless children will fall behind one grade level, and half of these will fall behind two grade levels.

Children need a permanent home to help them thrive and break the destructive effects of poverty. 

HEARTS FOR HOMES helps homeless children and their families in Macomb County secure a permanent home. Your donation today can give hope while helping a homeless family get into their own home, and give a homeless child a chance at success!


“In 2018, Hearts for Homes helped 19 homeless families get into a home. “